Carlina comosa

Carlina comosa (Spreng.) Greuter.

Asteraceae (Compositae)

  • Atractylis comosa (Spreng.) Sieber ex Cass. Feinbrunia speciosa (DC.) K.Schmid
  • Beautiful Distaff-thistle
  • جناح الطير
  • janah el-tair
  • חֻרְשָׁף מְצֻיָּץ
  • khurshaf metzuyatz

phanerophyte shrub

  • Desert
  •  Thermophilous plants
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Carlina comosa (Spreng.) Greuter.

Activity / Interpretation Traditional

Parts Used


Abdominal pain


Cook whole plant (aerial parts +root) in water & drink.

Aerial partsZ
Oral Health

Mouth odor/ bad breath after eating garlic or onions

Mouth wash

Chew the peel of the root

Aerial partsZ

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Carlina genus contains species which contain diterpene glycosides that can be toxic. May cause allergies in people sensitive to the Asteracea family.