Clematis cirrhosa

Clematis cirrhosa L.


  • Evergreen Clematis
  • Evergreen Traveller's Joy
  • Fern-leaved Clematis
  • Virgin`s Bower
  • عشبة البرودة الجنسية
  • عليق
  • غاشية
  • ملعى
  • `ishbet el-burudeh el-jinsiyya
  • `ulleiq
  • ghashiyeh
  • mal'a
  • זַלְזֶלֶת הַקְּנוֹקָנוֹת
  • zalzelet ha-qnoqanot

Climber, Phanerophyte shrub

  • Mediterranean maquis and forest

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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Clematis cirrhosa L.

Activity / Interpretation Traditional

Parts Used




Burn twigs & apply to warts to cauterize them.

Barnch /twigB
Endocrine/ Metabolic

Diabetes mellitus


Cook plant in water & drink.

Aerial partsZ
Mens Health/Sexuality

Male impotence


Decoct aerial parts & drink 1 cup x1/day.

Aerial partsB
Men`s Health/ Sexuality

Increase male sexual potency


Crush fresh overground part & insert into rectum (See NOTES).

Aerial partsZ

The authors of the Flora Palaestina Ethnobotany (FPE) web site do not take responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of the plants described here. Always seek advice from a health professional before using a plant medicinally or for other purposes

In the recipe to increase male sexual potency, Z notes that this species causes swelling, inflammation & secretion of pus, which he states is the desired action !!

Clematis genus has species that contain the irritant glycoside ranunculin which is converted to protoanemonin, a vesicant or blistering agent when the plant is chewed & macerated. Levels are low, vary with species & are polymerized to non -toxic anemonin. The Dried plant contains mostly non toxic anemonin. (See also NOTES)