Lonicera etrusca

Lonicera etrusca Santi


  • Etruscan Honeysuckle
  • Italian Honeysuckle
  • العبهر
  • زهر العسل
  • سلطان الجبل
  • عنبان
  • `inaban
  • el-'abhar
  • sultan el-jabal
  • zahr al-'asal
  • יַעֲרָה אִיטַלְקִית
  • ya'ara italqit

Climber,  Phanerophyte shrub

  • Mediterranean maquis and forest

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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Lonicera etrusca Santi

Activity / Interpretation Traditional

Parts Used




Preparation/ Admin. not specified.

Fruit, LeafZ
Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

Tonsilitis & throat inflammation

Anti-Infective, Demulcent

Boil fruit in water, cool, filter & gargle after meals & before bedtime.

Aerial partsZ
Oral Health

Toothache & dental caries

Analgesic, Anti-caries

Boil fruit in water, cool, filter & gargle x3/day or as needed.


The authors of the Flora Palaestina Ethnobotany (FPE) web site do not take responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of the plants described here. Always seek advice from a health professional before using a plant medicinally or for other purposes

Ingestion of fruits/ berries of Lonicera etrusca can cause acute intoxication thought to be due to saponines: in related species symtoms include nausea, tachycardia, vomiting, cyanosis, fever etc. Traces of alkaloids have also been found.