Plicosepalus acaciae

Plicosepalus acaciae (Zucc.) Wiens & Polhill


  • Loranthus acaciae Zucc
  • Acacia Strap-flower
  • أبو حماطة
  • العلمة
  • حب دبق
  • سحر
  • عناب
  • عنب الطلح
  • `inab el-talh
  • `innab
  • abu hamata
  • el-'alameh
  • habb dibq
  • sahar / sihr
  • הַרְנוּג הַשִּׁטִּים
  • harnug ha-shitim

Parasite, Phanerophyte shrub

  • Desert
  •  Thermophilous plants
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Plicosepalus acaciae (Zucc.) Wiens & Polhill

Activity / Interpretation Traditional

Parts Used


Abdominal pain


Decoct aerial parts & drink x1cup/day.

Aerial partsB

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Plicosepalus genus are parasitic plants (including a type of mistletoe) in which some species may contain toxic alkaloids & sesquiterpene lactones which may cause contact dermititis, genotoxicity and embryotoxicity.