Solanum villosum

Solanum villosum Mill.


  • Hairy Nightshade
  • Red Nightshade
  • Woolly Nightshade
  • سموة
  • samweh
  • סוֹלָנוּם שָׂעִיר
  • solanum sa'ir


  • Nutrient-rich soils
  • ruderal

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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Solanum villosum Mill.

Activity / Interpretation Traditional

Parts Used

Child Health

Abdominal pain, especially in babies


Cook aerial parts & fruit + "yansun" (Pimpinella anisum) + "raziana" (Foeniculum sp.) (See NOTES) + sugar & drink. (TOXIC See CAUTIONS.)

Aerial parts, FruitZ



Drink juice of fruit. (TOXIC See CAUTIONS.)


Eye heat & swelling


Mash fresh plant, apply to eye & tie in place with bandage. (TOXIC See CAUTIONS.)

Aerial partsZ
Wound Healing

Antiseptic for skin/wounds/ swollen purulent lesions

Anti-Infective, Anti-septic

1. Use fresh Aerial parts or juice or powdered dried plant alone or + olive oil & apply to wound x 2/day.
2. For swollen purulent lesion: make an oil based decoction of mashed leaves & fruits & apply as compress.

Aerial parts, Fruit, LeafZ
Wound Healing

Form crust over wound & prevent infection

Anti-septic Vulnerary

Cook mashed aerial parts in cow's butter & spread over wound. (TOXIC See CAUTIONS.)

Aerial partsZ

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In the recipe for abdominal pain in babies Z mentions that "raziana" is Foeniculum. (fennel). This is a Persian & also another Arabic name for this species.

The Solanum genus has species which are toxic containing the glycosidic steroidal alkaloid, solanine, most concentrated in unripe green berries & immature fruit & leaves. Poisoning usually occurs 6-12 hrs after ingestion causing abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, sweating, confusion, drowsiness. Eating large amounts can cause death from cardiac arrhythmias & respiratory failure. Livestock poisoning from nitrate toxicity is caused by grazing on leaves of this species. (See also Solanum nigrum)