Sonchus oleraceus

Sonchus oleraceus (L.) L.

Asteraceae (Compositae)

  • Annual Sow-thistle
  • Common Sow-thistle
  • Smooth Sow-thistle
  • اقحوان
  • جعضيض
  • خس بري
  • علك خيل
  • لبين
  • `ilk kheil
  • ju'did
  • khas barri
  • lubbein
  • uqhowan
  • מְרוֹר הַגִּנּוֹת
  • meror ha-ginot


  • Cultivated areas (weeds)
  • Disturbed habitats
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Medicinal Complaints / Uses

Sonchus oleraceus (L.) L.

Activity / Interpretation Traditional

Parts Used

Wound Healing



Apply aerial parts as poultice to affected area.

Aerial partsB

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Sonchus oleraceus contains saponins & alkaloids which can be toxic & triterpene ursolic acid, a COX-2 inhibitor which can cause Na & water retention & high K levels. May cause kidney damage.